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Welcome to TP McCombs Travel

It looks like you’re interested in traveling in the near future. That’s wonderful…I’d love to help!


A bit about me and the services I offer – TP McCombs Travel is a boutique travel agency that is proud to be affiliated with Travel Experts and is a member of the exclusive Virtuoso Travel Network. This is a family business with over 55 years of experience in the travel industry. I book destinations world wide, specializing in customized private luxury trips as well as cruises and travel for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, and family celebrations. This benefits you because I’m a life-long learner and keep up with the travel industry trends!


I’m very selective with the travel partners I use and only offer a product if I would use it myself, or offer it to my family. The products and services we offer are all vetted and offer a great value while providing an amazing travel experience.


I strive to work with clients by appointment whenever possible, by phone or in person, in order to focus fully on their trip and to respect their busy schedules. When I work with someone, we start off by having a complimentary 30-minute interview that allows me to get a feel for the type of travel they prefer and find out what kind of trip they are dreaming of. We will do some form of this before we start additional trips as every trip will have a different purpose and personality.


Because of the very high level of customization and service I offer, I charge a trip planning or management fee. Below is a list of the most common fees:

  • Domestic airline reservations and ticketing - $35 per ticket

  • International airline reservations and ticketing - $60 per ticket

  • Independent Customized Travel - $400

  • Tour Packages - $200

  • Cruise Packages - $200

  • Itinerary Changes - $75

  • Cancellation Fee – 10% of total package price


Some of the services I provide include the following:

  • Consulting (asking the right questions, researching, recommendations based on what is the best fit for you)

  • Finding the right price for the right trip

  • Making reservations (and making them correctly)

  • Access to my years of professional experience and knowledge

  • Support and assistance should there be an issue

  • Systems and services (that improve your experience)

  • Relationships and clout with travel partners

  • Being your representative and advocate when needed

  • Direct access to me by phone, email, FaceTime, and in person by appointment


Your responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Communicating your thoughts and ideas during the planning process (letting me know what you like and don’t like about the travel proposals so we don’t waste time)

  • Making sure deposits and final payments, as well as any requested information, are submitted in a timely manner

  • Reading your travel itineraries and travel documents to insure accuracy – including names, dates, and cities

  • Ask questions when you have them! I’m on your side and am here to help you!


To set up an appointment with me to go over your travel dreams, please give me a call at 336-202-4077 or email me at I look forward to working with you!


Teresa Panel McCombs

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