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Thinking about an RV trip? Here's some things to consider...

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

I’ve had a lot of interest from clients in RV travel the past few weeks. It is a great way to travel in our COVID-19 world and still maintain social distancing. Growing up in a “camper” family, I have so many wonderful memories of fun times in campgrounds; cooking outdoors, swimming in lakes, and sitting around the campfire at night. It really is a fun way to travel and see the beauty in our own backyard. But many people think that camping is a “cheap “ way to travel, and that’s often not the case. I work with trusted travel partners that offer RV rentals, and they are amazing to work with and offer fabulous vehicles and trip planning services as well as full support during your trip, but just the basic motorhome rental starts at $2200 a week in our area. Then there are campground fees, gas, propane, extra mileage fees, generator fees, etc. to factor in. When I price out a trip for clients, they often realize they can book a trip to a Caribbean resort for about the same cost. I don’t want to discourage anyone from RV really is a great adventure, a wonderful way to really experience a destination and be a part of the action....but you need to have realistic expectations and understand there is a substantial price tag for such a wonderful travel memory. Here's an article I recommend reading for more insight into what an RV trip really entails:


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